Planning a Seductive Date

Planning a romantic evening with your partner can be difficult enough, as it’s hard to strike a romantic note without resorting to clichéd ideas. But planning a seductive date can be even harder. Even with a partner, maybe you don’t always feel comfortable being too forward in suggesting sex, but at the same time it can be fun to design an evening around building up passion and encouraging physical intimacy. So, what are some good ways to set up an intimate, seductive date? Well, to be fair, there are hundreds of different ideas you might benefit from, and some of them depend on what your relationship is like. But here are a few basic ideas that might help to get you thinking.

Have a couples’ massage. This may seem like a relatively simple idea, and indeed it’s a fairly popular one. However, while these massages don’t actually involve you and your partner touching each other, they are all about combining physical stimulation with relaxation – a perfect recipe for you and your partner to have some fun afterward! After a good massage together you will be sharing a sense of calm and relaxation, but you also won’t want the physical satisfaction to end. This is a very effective sort of date if you are thinking seduction. And…after the massage when you are supposed to be getting dressed, you can instead get a little frisky and begin seducing your partner and plan to continue where you left off when you get home.

Introduce something new. For something even more intimate, you may want to consider setting up a few things specifically designed for sexual play and excitement. For example, head to and look into some different toys and sexual accessories that you and your partner could use together. You could structure it as something of an erotic “game night,” and it will likely lead to a very fun evening, and a date that is both intimate and exciting. See my article in Glamour Magazine’s online blog Smitten for some tips on how to introduce your partner to something new in the bedroom ( 

Plan a getaway from reality. Thinking in broader terms beyond one-night dates, one of the most effective and seductive ways to connect with your partner in an intimate way is to take a vacation. You don’t need to stay at a romantic hotel in Paris or lay on white sand beaches in the Caribbean to achieve an intimate and seductive getaway. Often, it is merely the idea of getting out of your home and away from your work and other obligations, that brings out the sexy side of vacations. Again, this isn’t exactly a single “date,” but it is certainly a way to organize a particularly seductive occasion with your partner. Most couples will freely admit that sex is better and more frequent on vacation!