Sexual Health from the Head to the Bed

I have never blogged before and I am not exactly sure where
to start, so I decided to start with an explanation and discussion of my
current tagline—“sexual health from the head to the bed”. 

Several people have asked about my tagline and I think the
importance of the concept begins with the fact that the body’s biggest sex
organ lies right between our ears. Yes, it is the brain! What’s going on in
your head matters, A LOT! Our thoughts play a major role in influencing our
desire, pleasure, and satisfaction.

Have any of you ever found yourself thinking about what you
have to do later in the day, an item you forgot at the grocery store, or even
something related to work, while you are engaging in sexual activity with your
partner? Have you ever found yourself distracted by thoughts about not doing
something the right way or your body not being perfect enough (what is often
called “spectatoring”) while engaging in sexual activity? If you have done any
of the things previously mentioned, I promise you are NOT alone! But here’s the
problem…If you are focused on other things or distracted by self-criticism, you
are not in the moment and are definitely not thinking SEXY THOUGHTS!! It is
very difficult to enjoy sexual activity if you are not present mentally and are
not focused on your partners body, the sensations going on in your body, or sexiness
in general!  

So that is the beginning of what is meant by sexual health from
(meaning starts from) the head. ..And ‘to the bed? Well, maybe I should say to
the bed, couch, kitchen counter, back seat, porch, woods, hallway…Or perhaps I
should simply say ‘to the bed”

6 thoughts on “Sexual Health from the Head to the Bed

  1. Irregular sleep patterns may also affect your sex life negatively. If you lack sleep, obviously you’ll feel weak and tired. Thus, your sex drive might drop significantly.

  2. – LOL… you’re piaylng both sides of the relationship, funny. Jane and I agree, doing it anyway really does work, but we had not considered it solo. Thanks for the good idea!

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