The Infamous G-Spot

The G spot has been a topic of debate for over 50 years! Just yesterday, media outlets made a big to do about a new study ( by Dr. Adam Ostrzenski who claims he is “close to putting the controversy to rest completely”. His study was based on an examination of ONE woman…yes ONE…she also happened to have been dead.

There are differences among female urogenital anatomy. To this day, no one has been able to locate a distinct anatomical structure that is this sought after G spot.

Here’s the problem, when women are told they have this spot, a particular area, that should lead to orgasm (since the two are usually talked about almost synonymously), they strive to find it and to have this mind blowing orgasm, that only stimulation of the G spot can give. But this only leads to disappointment and to women feeling bad about themselves when they can not find their “g-spot”. What is most important is to just find what feels good no matter where it is.

Most women do have an area of heightened sensitivity that when stimulated feels really great! But that area is not necessarily in the same spot in all women and may change over the course of a woman’s life.

Here is what it comes down to—find where and what feels good to you and enjoy it! Identifying a structure or “spot” does not in any way indicate superior sexual functioning. And when you talk about your g spot, know that it is just that—yours! It is that place, that when stimulated, feels super sublime!