The Strip Club Dilemma

Strip clubs are a popular form of adult entertainment in
the United States. But how might strip clubs effect a relationship? I started
thinking about this after a conversation with a friend the other day. My friend
recently began dating a new man. She thinks he is a great guy, has a blast
spending time with him, and has a passionate and strong sexual connection with
him! All sounds perfect for the beginning of a relationship right? Well, for
her…wrong! She is having an issue with the frequency at which he goes to strip
clubs! According to him, he goes because the guys at the office including his
boss, enjoy going. He does admit that he enjoys it as well, but says he
wouldn’t go if it wasn’t because his co-workers and boss. My friend went on to
say that she did communicate with him about her discomfort with the frequency
of his going. She is actually a pretty sexually open woman and would not mind
him occasionally going—like for a bachelor party or other special occasion. She
went on to tell me that she loves being sexual with him and in fact they have
intercourse or other sexual play several times a day (as often as she can see
him). So, is this a problem especially given the freshness of their
relationship? What do you think—is it ok for your partner to go to, or even
frequent, a strip club? How do you feel about this issue?