Toys Can Be Fun Alone and With a Partner

A friend of mine came to me the other day and was upset.
Her long-term boyfriend was concerned when he realized that she had a number of
sex toys in the drawer next to her bed. Although they had previously used toys
during their relationship, he became intimidated by the new toys and other
accessories, one of which was larger in size than his penis.

This, my friends, is not uncommon! Often times partners
may feel intimidated by sexual accessories. They might wonder if their partner
prefers the toy to the real thing or may think “how can I compete with that
battery-operated and large device?” But the truth is, there is no competition!
Both men and women can get sexual pleasure from both another human and a toy!
So why not maximize the pleasure?

About 44% of adult women admit to using sex toys. People
use toys and other accessories for a number of reasons. Some couples bring in
sexual accessories to spice up their relationship. They can also be a great way
to begin a different type of communication with your partner and can open the
doors to greater intimacy and fun experimentation.

If you have never used any sexual accessories with your
partner and would like to, begin the conversation sensitively and explain some
reasons you would like to try something new. This doesn’t mean that you are not
satisfied with your current sexual relationship, and be clear about that when
talking with your partner. Also, let your partner know that using sex toys can
help make you more comfortable and aware of your body and its functions.

Approximately 38% of women admit to masturbating
regularly. And a large percentage of these women will sometimes utilize sex
toys to do so. Again, this does not mean that they prefer the toy to their
partner (if they are in a relationship), and it does not mean they are not
satisfied with their partner. Sexual toys and accessories
have very positive effects on your sexual health; They
can enhance a relationship and your sexual connection with your

The truth is, while sex toys such as vibrators and dildos
are great, they certainly cannot compare in many ways with a human being. A toy
cannot caress, cuddle, gaze into your eyes, change positions, or be intimate.